Stuart Kane Achieves Success at Trial for Yacht Broker

Trials can be expensive, but in some cases going to trial provides the best value to the client. This was the case involving claims for commissions for two yachts, and an allegation that the yacht broker had infringed upon trademarks.

With Don Hamman as lead counsel supported by attorney Eve Brackmann and paralegal Tiffany Jung, Stuart Kane LLP represented an Orange County yacht broker whose distributorship was terminated and commissions were not paid by a well-known yacht manufacturer and its American affiliates.  The manufacturer’s local affiliate complained that trademarks were infringed upon by the yacht broker engaging in advertisement of the make of the yachts.  After a trial before a judge, the broker was awarded the full amount of both commissions, and also prevailed on the infringement claim.

A motion is being filed to recover the attorney’s fees incurred in defending against the infringement claims; and unless the commissions are promptly paid, there may one or more yachts seized and sold to satisfy the debt.