Wage and Hour Pitfalls: What California Employers Need To Know in 2017

California employers face significant regulatory burdens, not the least of which is the California Labor Code. Non-compliance with the Code can result in significant damages and penalties for employers. Californiaʼs detailed wage and hour laws regulate minimum wage and overtime, equal pay, and paystubs, among other things.

While certain statutory violations may seem trivial, they may nonetheless result in significant liability. This is especially true given the increasing use of the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) by plaintiffsʼ lawyers, a statutory scheme which creates additional civil penalties for labor code violations above and beyond the statutory penalties, which have long been available to plaintiffs.

In a recent article “Wage and Hour Pitfalls: What California Employers Need to Know in 2017” published in the Orange County Business Journal, Stuart Kane partner Shane Criqui discusses the new developments employers should be aware of in these areas.

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