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Stuart Kane LLP specializes in achieving our clients’ goals, whether helping to avoid or resolve their disputes.  Where appropriate, we strive to find a business solution early in the case, before the client incurs the cost of litigation and trial.  Hiring experienced and industry-focused attorneys at the outset of a dispute can save parties years of time, and money that would otherwise be spent on endless litigation.  Most important, early resolution accelerates the mending of business relationships and reputations.  When early resolution is not possible, we provide winning and aggressive dispute resolution services through litigation, arbitration, private proceedings, mediation and reconciliations, and in the Court of Appeal.  Regardless of the stage of the dispute, when our attorneys are engaged, we are renowned for high-quality work at a reasonable price, always with excellent service for our clients.

Our practice includes both regular and complex business litigation, with a particular focus on employment, real estate, and business disputes.  Because Stuart Kane LLP also has a robust transactional practice and client counseling, our litigators work closely with our transactional and business attorneys to provide a complete and informed understanding of the nuances of each case.  Our attorneys have demonstrated success in every stage of dispute resolution, from pre-litigation and negotiation, through mediation and settlement conference, arbitration, state and federal court motions, jury and bench trials, appeals, cost and attorney fee recovery, to collections and enforcement of judgments.  Our cohesive team efficiently handles cases through every stage, including trial.  Our streamlined business model provides clients with the best of both worlds:  large-firm expertise and experience, at reasonable rates.

We specialize in:

Stuart Kane’s trial lawyers all have large-firm experience, and have spent the majority of their careers litigating in Southern California; particularly in the Federal and State Courts in the Counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. They know and understand the judges and current policies, procedures, advantages and pitfalls in these Courts.

We know that a client in the midst of a dispute needs the ability to plan and reconcile the expense and stress of being a party to litigation. Our resourceful, client-focused, and industry-specific approach allows our clients and attorneys to strategize together and find the optimal solution for each unique circumstance.