Whether or not you win at trial, your case can wind up in the appellate court.  Stuart Kane’s litigation attorneys are also experienced appellate lawyers with a history of winning, and having the opinions on cutting edge issues published to be used as precedent in future cases.  They have practiced in the California District Courts of Appeal, as well as the California Supreme Court, and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, and understand the specialized appellate procedural rules and standards.  They know how to make the record for appeal during litigation and trial, and in turn how to showcase that record at the appellate level.

In addition to post-trial appeals, our attorneys handle those appeals that do not arise from a final judgment.  We have been the attorneys of record on appeals involving denials of class certification in class actions, writs, motions to disqualify counsel, granting of anti-SLAPP  motions, motions granting or denying motions to compel arbitration, and appeals concerning the award of attorneys’ fees.

Appeals Attorneys