Employment Law Update 2019: A Workshop for Employers

OCTANe and Stuart Kane LLP present 


Employment Law Update 2019: A Workshop for Employers

With the new year come new changes in employment law that every employer needs to know.  At our annual OCTANe Employment Law Update, employment attorneys Bruce May and Shane Criqui and insurance experts Kirk Aguilera Gordon Fraser will provide practical guidance for assuring compliance with the latest developments in employment law in California, including:

  • The #MeToo Movement Continues: New laws make it easier to prove sexual harassment, harder to keep settlements confidential, and almost impossible for employers to recover attorneys’ fees.
  • Anti-Harassment Training Expanded: California employers, even small companies, must now provide anti-harassment training to hourly employees as well as supervisors.
  • Female Board Members for Public Companies: A controversial new law requires certain public companies to have one or more female directors on their Board.
  • Salary History, Criminal Convictions, and Gender: California employers are now forbidden from asking about salary history or criminal convictions at the recruiting stage, or asking about gender at any time.
  • Best Practices For Hiring: If done properly, pre-employment physicals, drug testing, and integrity testing can help assure that only the best qualified candidates are hired which can reduce workers comp and other claims.
  • Independent Contractors: The Dynamex decision makes it much harder to classify workers as independent contractors.
  • Rounding Off and Off-The-Clock Work: Even minimal amounts of unpaid work time can result in big liability.
  • Minimum Wage Increases: The California minimum wage is now $12 for most companies, which increases the minimum salary for exempt status.  Some cities have gone even further.
  • Non-Solicitation Agreements: “Anti-raiding covenants” that forbid solicitation of other employees to quit may now be illegal.
  • PAGA Claims Are Increasing: The Private Attorney General Act allows recovery of civil penalties for every imaginable Labor Code violation.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: What should employers look for when buying EPLI insurance?

Date:          February 14, 2019

Time:         7:30 to 9:00 am

Place:         620 Newport Center Drive, Ground Floor Conference Room

Who should attend: HR professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and owners of companies of all sizes.

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